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In the realm of auto financing, Exeter Finance has emerged as a prominent player, providing innovative solutions to individuals and businesses seeking to purchase vehicles. With a focus on subprime lending, Exeter Finance has carved a niche for itself by serving customers who may have faced credit challenges in the past. In this article, we will explore the offerings and key features of Exeter Finance, highlighting how they contribute to the automotive industry and help customers achieve their goals.

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2. Subprime Lending
3. Flexible Financing Options
4. Dealer Network
5. Technology and Digital Solutions
6. Customer Support
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Overview of Exeter Finance

Exeter Finance is a specialized auto finance company that focuses on providing financing options for customers in the subprime credit category. By specializing in this segment, Exeter Finance aims to help individuals who may have faced credit challenges in the past to obtain financing for their vehicle purchases. The company partners with dealerships across the United States, offering its services to a wide range of customers.

Subprime Lending

One of the key areas where Exeter Finance excels is in subprime lending. Subprime borrowers typically have credit scores below the prime range, making it challenging for them to secure traditional financing options. Exeter Finance understands the unique needs and circumstances of subprime borrowers and has developed tailored solutions to meet their requirements. By providing access to financing, Exeter Finance enables individuals to purchase reliable transportation, improve their credit standing, and regain financial stability.

Flexible Financing Options

Exeter Finance offers flexible financing options that cater to the diverse needs of customers. The company provides financing for both new and used vehicles, allowing customers to choose the option that best suits their preferences and budget. Additionally, Exeter Finance offers competitive interest rates and works with customers to structure loan terms that align with their financial capabilities. This flexibility ensures that customers can find financing solutions that are suitable for their individual circumstances.

Dealer Network

Exeter Finance has established a vast network of partner dealerships across the United States. By collaborating with these dealerships, Exeter Finance expands its reach and makes its financing solutions readily accessible to customers nationwide. The company’s strong dealer network ensures that customers can conveniently explore their vehicle purchasing options and secure financing in a streamlined manner. This extensive network also enables Exeter Finance to provide localized support and personalized service to customers.

Technology and Digital Solutions

Recognizing the importance of technology in the modern world, Exeter Finance leverages advanced digital solutions to enhance the customer experience. The company provides online tools and resources that enable customers to apply for financing, check loan status, make payments, and access account information conveniently from their devices. By embracing technology, Exeter Finance simplifies the financing process, making it more efficient and accessible for customers.

Customer Support

Exeter Finance places great emphasis on delivering excellent customer support. The company understands that navigating the financing process can be overwhelming, especially for individuals with credit challenges. Therefore, Exeter Finance provides dedicated customer support representatives who are trained to assist customers throughout their financing journey. Whether customers have questions, need guidance, or require assistance with their accounts, the customer support team is there to provide timely and helpful solutions.


Exeter Finance stands out as a leading provider of auto financing solutions, particularly for subprime borrowers. With a focus on flexible financing options, a vast dealer network, technological innovations, and exceptional customer support, Exeter Finance empowers individuals to achieve their vehicle ownership goals. By bridging the gap in subprime lending, Exeter Finance contributes to the automotive industry’s growth and ensures that customers have access to reliable transportation while working towards improving their credit profiles.


1. Is Exeter Finance available nationwide?

Yes, Exeter Finance operates nationwide, partnering with a wide network of dealerships across the United States.

2. Can I apply for financing with Exeter Finance if I have a low credit score?

Yes, Exeter Finance specializes in providing financing options for individuals with subprime credit. They understand the unique needs of customers with low credit scores and work towards finding suitable financing solutions.

3. How long does the loan approval process with Exeter Finance typically take?

The loan approval process duration may vary depending on various factors. However, Exeter Finance strives to provide a quick and efficient loan approval process to ensure customers can move forward with their vehicle purchases promptly.

4. Does Exeter Finance only finance personal vehicles, or do they offer commercial financing as well?

Exeter Finance primarily focuses on financing personal vehicles. However, it is advisable to reach out to Exeter Finance or their dealer partners directly for specific information regarding commercial financing options.

5. Can I make payments online with Exeter Finance?

Yes, Exeter Finance offers convenient online payment options, allowing customers to make payments securely and easily through their online portal Click here.

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